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Institute for Complexity Studies - Mind Force Society

The Institute 'was established in 1995 at the American University of Rome. After becoming an independent institution, it was active in a number of research projects and in knowledge dissemination related to the Sciences of Complexity, including several international conferences.
In the field of scientific research, over the years, it has developed collaborations with Telecom, IBM, Atesia, ENEA.
Particularly, we would like to mention Angelo Research Project, European Union, ICT 11696, awarded "Best Project of the Year" by the European Commission in 2000.
One of the current projects is SUN, funded by MIUR with ENEA and other relevant partners (including the universities' of Bari and Chieti-Pescara).

Chaos and Complexity Letters

Chaos and Complexity Letters - Mind Force Society

The Institute for Complexity Studies publishes since 2005

Chaos and Complexity Letters

International Journal of Dynamical Systems

Journal Editors:
Editor-in-Chief: Franco F. Orsucci
Co-Editor: Nicoletta Sala

Journal Description:
Chaos and Complexity Letters is a refereed journal for scientific papers dealing with any area of complex systems research. Relevant topics include, but are not limitted to:

*artificial life; cellular automata; chaos theory; cognition; complexity theory; synchronization; fractals; genetic algorithms; information systems; metaphors; neural networks; non-linear dynamics; parallel computation; and synergetics.*

Papers dealing with applications of these topics (for example, to the arts, biology, economics, linguistics, medicine, psychology, sociology, technology, etc.) are also strongly encouraged.


Chaos and Complexity Letters supports the COPE code of conduct on publication ethics and malpractice.